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» Friday, September 16, 2005
Children Out of Control
I had lunch with some friends and from our table we could see another table with two young women with two small children, a girl and a boy. I'm terrible at ages. I think the boy was about three or four. Anyway, he sat during the entire meal with the salt shaker in his mouth, sucking on it or tipping salt in his mouth. Now heavens knows who's touched the salt shaker, and it can't be good for a small child to be eating salt, but think of the next people to come to this table, to shake salt out of a shaker that someone has slobbered all over!

We were there for a half hour and the adults never at any time took the salt shaker away from the little boy. They just sat there and ate and ignored him. We just shook our heads.

Finally one of my friends called over the waitress and explained to her what was happening. She hoped that the waitress would wait until the people left to take the salt shaker away to be washed, but the waitress instead went to bus a table nearby, and in passing by the table with the little boy and the uncaring adults, she just picked up the salt shaker and left with it. One of the women gave her a very dirty look. I don't know if she didn't realize what the kid was doing was unsanitary and wondered why the waitress was swiping her salt, or she was getting huffy because how dare this woman take something away from her child!

Unbelieveable. Right up there with people who go to the toilet and then don't wash their hands afterwards. Ugh.