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» Saturday, August 20, 2005
Life Is Good
Even if it's too darn hot outside. I think the heat index is 106°F.

But the house is cool.

We have been to the bank to deposit some checks, had lunch (barbecue shredded pork!), gone to BJs, finally gotten to the vacuum cleaner store for more bags (we have a Kirby; bags are very hard to find for it), dropped in at the hobby shop to say hello to everyone, and right now James is assembling a new desk chair we found on sale at Office Max. (James' old chair was ruined by Willow, who one day ran into his lap at top speed and hit so hard she pushed him backward and broke the chair.)

I have had 15 ounces of milk and a KitKat triple-chocolate bar (they still have them at BJs) and feel...contented.

Now if only the darn hot flashes would back off. I didn't take my soy at all while we were away; I put my vitamins in the medicine cabinet and of course since they were "undercover" I forgot all about them (or when I did remember them, had not had anything to eat yet). So now I'll have to start all over again.