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» Sunday, August 07, 2005
Just Stuff...
We were laggy at getting to work this morning. This is because we have basically gotten to the last of things and are wondering "what on earth do we do with this?"

James tested all the radios we found and we tossed ones that didn't work. The flowers from the funeral had died, so we packed them up. We sorted some stationery and pen items as a "back to school" kit for the kids. James took photos out of frames, which we will donate; I can scrapbook the photos.

Then we went into the attic and sorted through all those darn glasses. Only a dozen of them might be antique: some ice cream cups and four cups/saucers that look like Jadite. The rest were just old drinking glasses, or glass baking dishes; got four cardboard boxes of them. We did get the nostalgia items packed up: newspapers about the Kennedy assassination, the "hurricane book" the Providence Journal published after Hurricane Carol in 1954, my first Communion prayerbook, etc. And we have separated more dishes from things we want to keep; there is an old set and a new one. The only thing we didn't pack up were the MAD magazines and the 1970 Superman comics.

And of course we had more bags of trash, which James put out in the back yard. There's no longer anywhere to store them on the porch. See what I mean about wanting the trash to be collected more often???? James thinks we will beat the 25 bags we had last week.

We quit a little after two. Showered, went for lemonade, then stopped by A.C. Moore to get a couple of supplies for a surprise I'm working on, and then groceries. There was still a steak in the freezer, so James cooked it for supper.