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» Monday, August 15, 2005
Cooling This And That
A thunderstorm rumbled through last night...and brought with it blessed cool! It was comfortable with one sheet when we went to bed and by the time morning came I had to double the sheet and wrap it around my feet. Since "da feets" has been hanging out the entire time we've been here, that's quite a difference. Actually had to shut some of the fans down so Pidge wouldn't get a draft. Tonight the low is supposed to be 63°F! Heaven. It's overcast and there's a breeze, and I haven't seen the temp go over 75. Why couldn't it have been like this all the time?

I hate summer.

The movers came this morning about 10:30, tagged everything, and had all forty-three pieces out of the house before Regis and Kelly was even over. James said he was afraid the bottom was going to fall out of the trunk because it was so old. When they brought it upstairs we noticed there was still an old freight (express) sticker on it. It's very brown and grimy, but we could make out that it was stamped in Wheeling, West Virginia (the "big city" for Grandma and Grandpa when they lived just over the border in Lafferty, Ohio) and that it weighed 65 pounds with whatever was in it. I'm pretty sure it weighs at least that now, with all the linens in it.

We ran to the post office, got more junk mail, had lunch at T's again (of course I had the chicken soup and a salad!), then went to Nardolillo's. Robert called the folks in Georgia who said the death wasn't registered until August 5 and not mailed until August 10. Still, it should have been here by now! What did they do, send it fourth class mail?

We also asked Robert about the date on the monument, but he said they didn't handle that. So, I wanted to put some of Mom's roses on the grave anyway, so we took them out to the cemetery and I peeked at the monument tag. Ut-oh. Turns out the monument company has gone out of business. We're going to have to ask someone else to do it, probably Sciolto's on Dyer Avenue.