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» Tuesday, July 05, 2005
Tuesday... (And DVD Transfer Diary)
Gave Mom two Percoset last night and she wasn't in too bad pain when she woke this morning, so I'll keep doing that. I gave her this morning's medication and by eleven o'clock she was awake if not totally painless, and insisted she wanted to come downstairs and not sleep. Then she realized that I don't usually watch her soaps and amended her request; she said she'd stay upstairs until three o'clock, when Passions is over.

I went downstairs and copied off Solo, the British series written by Carla Lane and starring Felicity Kendal as Gemma Palmer, who discovers her long-time lover has cheated on him and throws him out, and also changes her job. There were only two series and I really only liked the first, which was more bittersweet.

At one o'clock, Willow was barking and it turned out Mom was coming downstairs by herself. I warned her about the soaps and she said that was okay. So I put on a couple of movies I thought she would like, Deadline for Murder, which was Elizabeth Montgomery's final film (which I recorded because Dean Stockwell played an oddball coroner in it), and Donovan's Kid, a seventies Disney film starring one of my favorites, Darren McGavin, as an Irish con man. Mickey Rooney co-stars as his partner, and Katy Kurtzman, a popular child actress of the era, is Jamie, the daughter he didn't know he had. The cast includes Shelley Fabares, Ross Martin, Michael Conrad, and Murray Hamilton. (Watching this movie makes me long even more for a copy of High Flying Spy, another Disney Western epic with McGavin, co-starring Stuart Whitman as Thaddeus Lowe, the balloonist who used his craft to survey for the Union during the Civil War.)

Mom expressed interest in some soup, but didn't eat a bit of it when I offered, and finally fell asleep. About six o'clock, just after I had started transferring Up the Down Staircase, she finally gave up and said she wanted to go up to bed. So I helped her upstairs and left the television on for her, which is what she wanted (she now said it was too early to sleep), but she was off in dreamland after a half hour.