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» Saturday, July 09, 2005
Out in the World Again
Mom has slept most of the day so far, except for moments when I have had to give her pills. The increased dosage of Percoset seems to be keeping the pain down, but it may also be making her very dopey.

Thanks to Alice (Thanks, Alice!), James and I got out a few hours today. We went to Fry's for lunch.

Don't laugh. A friend of ours—hi, Charles!—is always talking about how good the Saturday "soup of the day" is at Fry's, Italian wedding soup. So I had some in a bread bowl and James had it straight with a club sandwich that had real ham, not the processed junk they give you in many places, and even real bacon. It was good, too, and we wandered about Fry's getting things we needed: I wanted some more of the three-DVD cases (I need one for my National Geographic specials and one each for Jeff's Collie episodes and Timmy and Lassie episodes) and James got more floppies for taking pics at the IPMS Nationals.

We stopped for a few minutes at the Aviarium where I consorted with the birdies in the bird room. One green parrot and I were bobbing and cocking our heads at each other; he finally said "Hello!" when I walked away. Many conures and cute baby budgies.