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» Saturday, July 16, 2005
I have had time to read all of the new Harry Potter because Mom has pretty much been asleep all day. She awoke, as is becoming sadly usual, in a lot of pain—it really upset me that she was calling for her mother—and I gave her two of the pain medication as instructed. (I found out only later one dribbled out of her mouth, so she didn't get the required dosage.) She was still asleep a little after two when I ran out to get some more watermelon and see if the pet store near Kroger had Pidgie's seed (they don't). James said he didn't hear her move, so somewhere while we were moving cars she got up and went into the bathroom by herself (I'm not sure how she even managed it). I found her when I got home a few minutes later.

Since she was already up I asked her if she would like a sponge bath and she said yes, so I did all the ablutions. She is positively skeletal now, with less and less spare flesh every day.

The sponge bath only took about fifteen minutes but it completely tired her out and when she got back to bed she admitted she was in pain, so I gave her her pills and let her go back to sleep.