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» Thursday, July 07, 2005
DVD Transfer Diary
Mom slept most of the day, but I had to keep running upstairs to check on her because she doesn't sleep quietly any more. Each movement inspires a cry or moan. I was also nearly asleep on my feet because I couldn't sleep last night; the A/C wasn't going because it had rained all day and I was hot. I've got to get myself a light blanket.

So I dubbed some Disney stuff:

The Omega Connection: Harmless Disney flick about espionage in England (although rather sobering after what happened this morning in London) with the requisite young handsome American secret agent (Jeffrey Byron) and the usual repertory company of British actors including Roy Kinnear and Nigel Davenport.

Walt Disney Presents: "From the Pirates of the Caribbean to the World of Tomorrow," a 1968 presentation showing the "new" Tomorrowland and New Orleans Square.

Walt Disney Presents: "Disneyland, the Park," a short from Disney's black and white ABC series. Shows the original Frontierland, with the mine train ride, the mules and stagecoaches, and the Native American village, also the original Tomorrowland.

And one Christmas disk:

The Famous Jett Jackson: "What Money Can't Buy"—If I had to name the best series on TV about an African-American family, Jett Jackson would have been it. Jett is a young actor whose adventure series, Silverstone, is filmed in his home town of North Carolina because he was homesick for his family. His mom is an actress who still lives in Hollywood, and his dad is in law enforcement. This was a wonderful series about family and friendship, and this Christmas episode, about Jett's effort to give his great-grandmother a special gift, was one of the best.

So Weird: "Fountain"—This was a cute Disney series about a girl whose Mom (played by Mackenzie Phillips) is a rock star; Fiona, "Fi," is interested in the paranormal. This episode finds Fi, who wants a perfect holiday, depressed because it looks like the family will be spending Christmas Eve in the tour bus on the way to a benefit concert. Then she has a magical drink at a soda fountain and finds herself going back in time.

Punky Brewster: "Yes, Punky, There is a Santa Claus"—I actually liked the Punky Brewster cartoon better than I liked the series, but, like the So Weird episode, this story had serious underpinnings: Henry has told Punky that Santa exists, but when he plays Santa Claus at her school, she tells him the only thing she wants for Christmas is for her mom to return.

Ziggy's Gift—Based on the comic and actually kinda sweet. Of course Ziggy doesn't speak a word.

And other stuff:

Disney's The Horsemasters, which stars Tommy Kirk and Annette Funicello, co-starring Janet Munro and Donald Pleasance. Nowhere as good as the book, which I recommend to be read by any child who pleads with Mom and Dad for a horse or pony; an absorbing novel that doesn't pull its punches about how hard it is to properly care for horses.

Two blooper specials, one from NBC and one from Fox.

And finally The Fantasty Film Worlds of George Pal, which I popped on after TCM's special Watch the Skies!. James said, "Where did you get this?" You know, I have no idea. It's one of my original videotapes. It could be off WSBK-38, or even WLVI-56. Nice film recap of Pal's career, starting with the Puppetoons.

And which makes me tap my foot and ask "Where the hell is Seven Faces of Dr. Lao on DVD????

Blink. Holy cow, it is on DVD!