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» Wednesday, July 13, 2005
DVD Coda
Mom still sleeping. I'm relaxing after having the sinus headache from hell; someday it's going to stop raining.

Oh, and I also got another movie out of the way: The Haunted Honeymoon. Not the Gene Wilder/Gilda Radner flick, but the only Lord Peter Wimsey story ever filmed for motion pictures. It's a pretty faithful if abridged version of Busman's Honeymoon, but Robert Montgomery (yes, Elizabeth's dad) plays Lord Peter. Constance Cummings is Harriet Vane and Sir Seymour Hicks is a rather elderly Bunter. WXNE only cut two minutes out, so it's relatively intact if a bit snowy.

As Lord Peter adaptations go, I know Edward Petherbridge looked the part more and was closer to the correct age, but my heart will always belong to Ian Carmichael.