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» Monday, July 18, 2005
The ativan did make Mom relax, too much. She slept on through when we went to bed and muttered and murmured all night. Every time I went to check on her she would be sound asleep and quiet. At least once she was awake enough to want water.

Finally about five I heard a thump in the room. Mom had reached for her water and instead knocked over the tray it was on. I mopped up the water and gave her a drink and it was only then she was awake enough to take the pain pills.

Hopefully I did enough to keep James from waking up most of the time, but I'm sure he was "underslept" as he headed to work. Mom was quiet, so I stayed abed until ten, when she was stirring and complaining of pain again. I tried talking with her but all she wanted was the pain medication and to go back to sleep, so I let her.