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» Monday, June 06, 2005
"Oh, No...Not Again."
It was nice and cool today, but it's going to get warm again. Gah.

I took care of the little pests in the driveway this morning. While I was spraying a priest came from our church to give Mom Communion. He didn't stay very long—it was like a hit and miss Communion; at least Sister Annette stayed awhile and talked!

Later the guys from the hospice delivered the hospital bed. It has a lovely air mattress that massages as you sleep in it. If Mom doesn't want to sleep on it, I will; it felt wonderful on my aching back when I tried it out. Made it up so it looked nice, with pretty flowered sheets and blue blankets.

She's been in a lot of pain this afternoon, enough to take half a Percoset early in the evening along with a Tylenol. She managed to focus on most of part one of The Lost Prince, though, and then we ended up watching Two and a Half Men, which had its cute moments.