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» Monday, June 27, 2005
It's Been A Strange 24 Hours
Mom dozed off on the sofa last night and about nine o'clock said she want to go to bed. When we got upstairs she was so tired she didn't even get undressed. I couldn't rouse her even at bedtime; if I talked loudly she said "Don't yell," but otherwise just murmured. So I covered her up and let her sleep, but I was very disturbed and did not sleep most of the night.

She roused a bit at eight, when James got up, and managed to take her daily pills and her pain pills, and put her pajamas on, and we both went back to sleep for about 90 minutes. I got up to find her with her head in her hands. I put a cold compress on her eye and gave her some Tylenol. At lunchtime I brought up some Boost and tapioca for her, but she only took a couple of sips of the former. I thought Wimbledon was on all afternoon, so asked her if she would like to watch something nice like Anne of Green Gables. I think she was awake for about a half hour of it.

She's basically been asleep ever since. I run upstairs every fifteen minutes to see how she is. Sometimes she's changed positions, but she's still sleeping. She didn't want supper—and she loves pork chops—but I still left some salad up there for her. She says she's cold and will eat it later.


I've been dubbing things all day: a couple of favorite Doctor Who episodes, "Talons of Weng-Chiang" and "Image of the Fendahl," the television movie Lassie: The New Beginning (written by Earl Hamner and really kind of a Waltons version of a Lassie story, if that makes any sense; unfortunately he included the stereotypical mean dog catcher), the theatrical The Magic of Lassie with Jimmy Stewart (this is the only musical Lassie movie and even Stewart gets to sing, a patter song), and the TV Land special about Get Smart, which finished off my Smart DVDs.

There was nothing interesting on tonight, so I am dubbing off old blooper specials. The one on right now is from the House Calls series era (the Wayne Rogers/Lynn Redgrave comedy). It includes the classic WSBK-TV38 blooper with the clown Willie Whistle and the snake who crawled down his overalls. This has turned up in several blooper specials. (Oh, yeah, and the infamous McHale's Navy "singing on the bridge" shot.) My favorite bloopers, however, are still the news and animal bloopers.