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» Friday, June 03, 2005
The Ayes Have It?
Visited mom's doctor today. He is so nice. He said the eye does not look worse than the last time he saw it and was very encouraging about her being able to come home with me. He said he would write any prescriptions we needed.

We came home afterwards to have lunch, but she didn't eat much. The hospice nurse came around one and she was just leaving when the police showed up. Don't panic: they were supposed to. Remember how Mom had her car stolen twice within two weeks several months ago? Well, they wanted her to sign a report about the second time. The perp is coming up to trial next week and they want all their ducks in a row against him. The creep also robbed a convenience store (not at the same time he stole the car).

After everyone left we went to the bank and had my name put on her accounts. It will take 48 hours for me to be able to enable online banking. But this means I can pay bills without having to worry about checks, or cousin Debbie can do it if I give her access. And we made a stop at Walgreen's for some new medication.

During supper I noticed the gap between Mom's eyelids looked a bit wet. I was even more upset when the wet looked pink. She has had discharge from the eye before, but never with blood in it. I called the hospice nurse and they sent someone over; in the meantime they told me to bathe it with saline solution. The nurse came over and checked the eye out, but didn't see anything horribly wrong. She did note a raw spot right next to the eye (Mom bumped her face on the fringe of one of the sofa pillows) and thought it might be leaking into the gap between the eyelids (the eye is swollen shut) Mom also had a slight fever, so the nurse talked her into taking a Tylenol and half a Percoset and said someone would call tomorrow morning and for me to call if the fever got worse.

I have felt her forehead just now and it seems cooler. Of course the Percoset has made her a bit sleepy, too.