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» Thursday, June 09, 2005
As the Spit Turns
Really no change here. I'm...coping. The heat is making me utterly miserable, even with all the windows open and the ceiling fans running full blast. (It now boggles my mind that I grew up without these fans; how did I breathe?) I got so light-headed while making dinner last night that I was crying (it scared Mom so I quit) and finally had to run to take a cold shower. I took two yesterday.

As for Mom...well, it goes. The nurse says it is okay for her not to eat, but to at least try to get her to drink and perhaps have a Boost once a day. They have doubled the dose on her pain patch and are willing to give her liquid morphine if that (or the added Percoset) doesn't help the pain. I need to go pick it up (and shop for some groceries), but I hate to leave her alone and hate to bother my cousin Debbie since she is busy working (she and her husband have their own business, so you bet they're busy) and helping take care of both her mother and dad. I'd rather go when it's cooler anyway. Maybe my godmother can come by.

I suspected it anyway when I saw the moles on her back, but the nurse told me this afternoon that the cancer has metatastized into her lungs. Still hurts to hear it aloud. She doesn't know.