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» Friday, June 24, 2005
And so the fat lady sings and the snowglobe shakes:

I'd forgotten how many in-jokes were in that last episode, Patient 4077 in the morgue (his name is Henry Blake and he died from injuries sustained in a helicopter crash; the really funny thing is that the "corpse" looked more like Colonel Flagg) and the one-armed man being chased up to the water tower (Dr. Kimble wanted him in a bad way) the group hug ala the finale of The Mary Tyler Moore Show (when Cavanaro asks "What do we do now?" Fiscus suggests they sing "A Long Way to Tipparary"), etc.

I have five episodes of St. Elsewhere, "A Wing and a Prayer," the second season Thanksgiving episode; the two Father McCabe stories (I'm a sucker for Edward Herrmann), the two part "Time Heals" and "Where There's Hope, There's Crosby"; and the finale.

(Actually I have another on a professional videotape, a Christmas episode called "Santa Claus is Dead.")