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» Friday, May 20, 2005
Cool For Now?
The repairman showed up about 4:30, checked the compressor, determined that it needs another motor. Again. This is number three since 2003. I asked what was wrong with it and he said it is not running up to speed, so it's using more amperage. When it does so, like it's supposed to do, the breaker shuts off.

So he says he needs to order another motor. He turned on the unit and it "broke" after about ten minutes. He turned it on again before he left.

As of this very second, it's still running. Don't know how or why, but it is.

We're still going to talk with the guy about getting a new HVAC unit; he's coming tomorrow. Trane is giving rebates up to $1000 and they will double whatever Trane gives. I really didn't want to replace the unit now. They will have to take the old unit out, and bring the new unit in, leaving the door to the den wide open and letting flies and mosquitoes in. If this was in our garage, or the basement, it would be different; we could just bug bomb or spray and let them die. But they'll be buzzing around the room we use most, and the room Pidge lives in, instead.

Sigh. Don't know what to do. Was hoping to nurse the unit through until it got cold enough to freeze the little bastards—and then there's that rebate. Knowing the cost of this thing, we can certainly use it.