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» Saturday, May 28, 2005
Another Day
It was better today. We both slept late and while Mother didn't want her muffin, she did drink some Boost. The nurse came today and showed me how to change out the pain patch in case someone didn't come to change it tomorrow.

Afterwards we sat at the table and Mother signed six checks and I made them out. I had forgotten how much I despised making out checks to pay bills. I get my online bill pay free now, but even when I was paying $5.95/month for it it was worth every penny.

Then Mother got dressed and we went out to mail the bills. We also stopped at Walgreen's for a few things, and when we got done Mother said she hadn't really been out in a week and could we take a ride? So I drove up to Roger Williams Park and we just drove around for a little while. It has been cold up here and today was the first warm day. Everyone was out having picnics, riding the carousel, just lying in the sun, jogging, playing ball, or going to the zoo. There were several married couples taking pictures at what used to be called the Japanese Gardens. We particular saw one couple who was right near the road posing before a brilliant azalea. (After we got home tonight the news did a feature on people at the Park and they showed that same couple we had passed by!)

We came out of the Park via the Broad Street entrance, which I'd never used. I asked Mother which way to go, she said left, and we ended up near downtown Providence. No biggie: just got on I-95 and headed south. It was only five o'clock and I asked her, since it was warm, if she would like some Del's frozen lemonade. Sure, she said, and we were heading there when the car started making a funny noise. I pulled over to the side and sure enough, the right front tire was flat.

Luckily Mother has AAA, so we called them and they said it might take up to two hours (understandable, being a holiday weekend). I did tell the dispatcher that my mom was elderly and a bit frail. Ten minutes later the AAA truck drove up, the guy got in the trunk, got the spare, and had the tire changed in five minutes with us still in the car.

We ended up just going home. Had pork chops and Rice'a'Roni for supper, which I managed to ruin by scorching the vermicelli, dammit. Serves me right trying to cook both things at once. I'm not James and handy at multitasking at the stove.

Television was terrible. We ended up watching one of the DVDs I brought, the third season of All Creatures Great and Small (I have first and second season in Region 2 and they won't play on her player).