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» Saturday, April 16, 2005
We Slog Along
It wasn't a happy rest of the day, as you can expect.

But we did a bunch of grocery shopping to keep Mom in stuff for a while, and I also cooked her up some pork chops and rinsed and wrapped the rest of the ribs from Applebee's to go in the freezer. I have also decided to go home tomorrow as planned, since I'm probably going to have to come back. I can apply for advanced leave via the Family Leave Act when I need to.

We must have done too much yesterday with the shopping, but Mom was dying to get outside after over a week of being cooped up in the hospital. About 10:30 she called Cousin Anna to see how she was and complained that the eye and the incision were "aching." We were both sufficiently upset that we called the advice nurse, who told us to monitor her temperature and make sure the incision wasn't swelling, etc. It wasn't, and her eye did feel a bit better after my bathing it and putting fresh cream in it, and also her taking some Tylenol, but Mom ended up spending the night on the chair in the living room and I stretched out on the couch next to her.

It is better this morning which is why I suspect we overdid it yesterday. Today we are just going out for fresh air and not a lot of walking, although I am going to stop at Office Max/Depot/whatever to get her some organizers for her papers. She has bills mixed up with hospital instructions and phone books because she wants them all near the phone in case of emergency. Having papers that way drives me wild.