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» Tuesday, April 26, 2005
Tuesday Twosome

1. Do you have any phobias/fears and if so, what are they?

Geez, do you want a book? I'm hideously claustrophobic, to the point I won't ride on the elevator at work anymore because it takes what seems like years to get up and down three floors (and there's no fan inside) and the doors open sooooooooooooooo slowly and scrape while they do. (Yep, folks, this is the "cushy padded lifestyle" of your average Government employee slob. Only the politicos get those shiny new buildings with the amazingly swift glass elevators.) I couldn't even hide in closets playing hide'n'seek as a child. I also get queasy when I see worms and generally scream at a lot of bugs and snakes. I won't even read the "snake" and "worm" articles in the World Book.

2. Do you believe that everyone is a little prejudiced or that there are some people that are truly "pure in heart"?

I think people who are not prejudiced a little at something are very, very rare. It can be something as innocuous as favoring your home town or country. Yes, there are some people truly "pure in heart." They get beatified and then become saints.

3. Do you have any insecurities and if so, what are they?

Most of them are wrapped up with the fears up there.

4. Are there things in your life you are proud of and if so, what are they?

I think I can write pretty well, and I'm nice to animals. And that I don't follow the crowd in a sheeplike manner. (If I did I'd be using Microslop Word for all my word processing. Ugh.)

5. What do you hope for your future and explain?

To stay healthy. Period. I don't think that needs explanation. (I'd like a more interesting job, but one can't have everything...)