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» Tuesday, April 12, 2005
Out in the World
Mother finally got out this afternoon!

I did some grocery shopping this morning and after I got home the visiting nurse arrived. She agreed that Mom should go out for as long as she felt up to it, if just outside for a short walk for fresh air, but to keep germs out of her eye, and to cover it with a gauze and then either get an eyepatch or cover up the lens of her glasses with something soft. We didn't have an eyepatch, but the nurse said they were available at drugstores. So we did the gauze and covered the lens and went to Brooks Drugs. I didn't realize they actually did sell black eyepatches like you see in the movies! I am joking with her that now she will really look like a pirate.

During the trip we found out the creeps who stole the car (twice) also broke the latch to the passenger-side front door. I wonder if it's too late to put the evil eye on them.

We also went to a couple of other drugstores and finally went by Solitro's for a treat--this is one of the few neighborhood bakeries left, and still always crowded on Sunday mornings and before holidays, a plain, old-fashioned place still using the same display cases and scarred wooden tier shelves as I remember from forty years ago. They still had St. Joseph's Day zeppoles and Mother got two for herself and one for my godmother.

In the meantime I no longer want to defenestrate Edward Vogler on House. Running him over with a subway car would be more appropriate.