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» Monday, April 11, 2005
Day is Done...
It's been a long day.

It was a nice flight, althought I dozed through most of it. Good grief, the next time we fly together, James is going to have to get a seat on the aisle. Anyone who knows me is aware I am short and short-legged--and I had scarcely five inches between my knee and the seat in front of me!

I woke in time to see New York City ahead over the wing (I was portside), from the dot of the Statue of Liberty to the length of the island of Manhattan with Central Park sprawling north, and along it, the vast length and breadth of the Hudson snaking toward the Adirondaks. There the plane turned east and we flew the rest of the way along the barrier edge of Long Island. The sound was a beautiful blue, not the color of the sky, but a deeper blue with teal overtones with swirls of lighter eddies. We moved into Narragansett Bay by going directly over the Jamestown Bridge, and when we turned again over land I noted that most of the trees had not started to leaf yet; indeed when I got off the plane the jetway itself was cold and crisp. Yesss!

I got into the airport only to find my godmother had already arrived outside before I even got to baggage claim. Luckily I had the quickest turnaround at baggage claim at Green Airport ever; I think my suitcase was the fourth or fifth out!

"Padina" (that's what Italian kids call their godmothers) took me to lunch at the Rocky Point Chowder Shack on Post Road, all that's left of the famous Shore Dinner Hall from the now-closed amusement park out in Warwick. We had clam chowder and clam cakes (which came up on me, but then everything does).

When I got in--no one was here. I called the hospital; my mother had been released, but I didn't know where she was. Called around, then sat and waited until my cousin Richard delivered her to the door.

Quieted down a little after that: I cooked [don't faint] pork chops for supper and then I walked to Cousin Anna's, where the car has been living since it got stolen twice. I was back in sweats and had to button my jacket since the breeze was so brisk. Lovely. I drove to Walgreen's and got Mother's prescriptions filled (I also got some milk; I was having withdrawal symptoms), then came home and figured out how to install The Club that Richard had bought on the steering wheel. (Mom had the car parked at the bottom of the driveway because she pretty much uses the front door exclusively. I parked it all the way to the back, installed The Club, and left the porch light on. I don't know if that will stop the little bastards, but I'm crossing my fingers.)

Watching the program about laying the first transatlantic cable on American Experience right now and looking at the card James bought me; he secreted one for each day in my suitcase. This has a little white terrier on it that looks a lot like Miss Wil.