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» Saturday, March 12, 2005
Sometimes It Turns Out Okay
I've mentioned before that I love reading historical books, even if they aren't for my age group. :-) I have all the "American Girls" books and short stories, and have collected all of the 22 History Mysteries.

Well, looks like the publisher is combining the two: there are four new books out (as of March 1) that are "American Girl Mysteries." One is about the Nez Perce girl Kaya, one is about Victorian Samantha, one of Depression-era Kit, and the last about WWII-era Molly.

I was out today and stopped at the Borders in Kennesaw looking for them. When I didn't see them on the shelves I went to the in-store computer, looked them up--and discovered they were in every other Borders near me except the one I was in (naturally...). Just on a whim, I did a search on Rupert Holmes' new mystery, Swing, which was due out March 15, but which a friend elsewhere had already picked up on Wednesday.

Of course it wasn't in at the Borders I was at. But it was in...all together every other Borders near me.

Swing coverSo I drove down to the closest one and got a copy. (I was happy: there was a 25 percent off Borders coupon until the 14th and I had two $5 preferred reader coupons.)

I spent six solid hours reading the entire book, enthralled from first paragraph to last. This is even better than Where the Truth Lies, although this may just be me liking the 1940s setting better than the 1970s setting of that previous novel. Just super all around, from the characters to the different tendrils of the mystery coming together to the setting (1940 San Francisco, at the Golden Gate Exposition, a World's Fair that ran concurrently with the second year of the 1939 Fair in New York City. It's just a great book all around. Glad I didn't have to wait until Tuesday.