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» Monday, March 14, 2005
More "Maximum Smart"
(This is what Nick at Nite called it when they broadcast these episodes.)

  • "Classification: Dead" -- the Get Smart version of the old Edmond O'Brien b-feature D.O.A., where our hero is given a slow-acting poison and tries to hunt down his killer before it gets him. One of the very entertaining appearances by CONTROL's leggy showgirl/brilliant boffin Dr. Steele. The villain is played by...John Fiedler, a mousy little character actor you saw just about everywhere then.
  • "The Mild Ones" -- Max and 99 join a motorcycle gang working for KAOS; when they're caught, it really looks like the jig might be up for Max. Steve Allen has a small part at the beginning as the ambassador's private secretary.
  • "Don't Look Back" -- a spoof of The Fugitive, complete with unctious narrator and a relentless police detective named Gronski (played by character actor Bruce Gordon, another guy you saw just about everywhere, mostly playing heavies).
  • "The Impossible Mission" -- or "Max and 99 Get Engaged"--features Jamie Farr in a supporting role as a beatnik informer, a Keystone Kops-type chase at the end, and a bandleader named Herb Talbot, a takeoff on Herb Alpert and his Tijuana Brass. (They definitely don't make tape recorders like that anymore... <g>)
  • "With Love and Twitches" -- 48 hours before his wedding, Max drinks (yes, drinks) the map to the Melnick uranium mines (it will break out as a rash on his chest as long as he doesn't lie or sit down). He tries to call off the wedding, but no one will believe him and everyone thinks it's a case of nerves (except for 99's mother, who thinks he's a bum). With the delightful William Schallert as Admiral Hargrade, Alan Oppenheimer as Dr. Madre, character actress Jane Dulo as 99's mom, and a cameo by Don Adams' then-wife, Dorothy Bracken and his agent Mace Nuefeld, who now produces films like Hunt for Red October (Bracken is the blonde who tells her husband not to help in the brawl of KAOS and CONTROL agents at the wedding).
  • "The Wax Max" -- Max accidentally gives the password at an amusement park and gets a radioactive cupie doll meant for KAOS, which leads to a chase around the abandoned park and a bad ending at the park's wax museum...