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» Sunday, February 13, 2005
Valentine Sunday
Well, it was a bit of a subdued day, as you might have expected. It threatened rain all day, so we didn't go play miniature golf like I'd planned, but just did our errands and came home to read the paper. We had a matinee and watched Hunt for Red October. For supper we went to Olive Garden. If you want a delicious, really great appetizer, try their "San Remo seafood dip." It's a mixture of mini-shrimp, crab and lobster meat, cheese, and a little tomato sauce. They serve it with little slices of Italian bread. Yum. Of course we had the Black Tie mousse cake for dessert. Double yum.

For V-day James got me a copy of The Adventure of English and I ordered him (it hasn't come yet) 101 Best Aviation Attractions.

Taking a bit of time off from dubbing. I've finished Ask the Manager except for what I remember being a very funny little clip of Dana's new year resolutions. It was not on the tape I had it listed as being on, so I'll have to not finalize the disk for now and have a look for it on one of the earliest tapes, which it has to be on. I even have all the odd funny little TV-38 promos and the end of one of the episodes of Spenser: for Hire with Robert Urich, which was filmed in Boston. Dana Hersey appears as a lottery host at the end of this episode.

Next I need to tackle Gallegher, and probably after that, what I have of Dave Allen at Large and all my Ronn Lucas stuff. Can't wait till I get to my National Geographic shows, especially "In the Shadow of Vesuvius" and "Ballad of the Irish Horse."

In the meantime, watching an agilty championship on Animal Planet. Tomorrow and Tuesday is the really important sports event of the year--Westminster!!!