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» Sunday, February 20, 2005
New Trucks for Old
So we went out yesterday and bought a new Tacoma.

2005 black Tacoma pickup

Yeah, James didn't really want black because it shows dirt so badly--but it was the only automatic on the lot and we had already looked on the Atlanta-area Toyota websites and everyone had manual transmissions. They had other automatics listed--James wanted the indigo blue--but they were all four weeks away from delivery. We know as soon as we get a settlement, the insurance company is going to pull the rental car.

This truck was only $2000 more than the one James bought six years ago, which I find astonishing. Plus the standard truck (that's all we wanted) has some upgrades: it includes a CD player and the bed liner already installed with rack-mount tiedowns that can be adjusted all along the bed. The gearshift (which is now on the floor) has an electronically-controlled transmission that can be popped into third gear (like a manual) when you are in drive at high speeds. The cab/truck itself is also a little wider and the body is a little taller.

(We'd gone over to the Ford place to look at Rangers and they only had one manual on the lot. As we left we took a look at the new Mustangs, which are more reminiscent of the original ones, which are low to the ground. I looked at James and said, "You know, I'm glad we're not in the market for something like this. I'm old and don't want to crawl down into cars any longer!")

Plus the indigo blue would have looked just as grimy over time.

The bottom line was we had to get another truck. We could have bought used, but both of us have had nothing but trouble (read: $$$$$ repairs) on used ones. And a truck! God knows what maintenance they get because people figure "it's only a truck."

By the way, speaking of getting another one like the original, here's a funny: the salesman asked, "So you've been here was the service?" We both looked at him blankly. What service? In six years we had had the normal things done: changed the oil, bought new tires, had the brakes done once. Otherwise it had never needed service!