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» Saturday, February 26, 2005
DVD Transfer Diary
Disney's The Horse Without a Head based on the book One Hundred Million Francs by Paul Berna: five poor children have only one plaything, a wheeled hobbyhorse they ride through the streets of their French village. They run afoul of train robbers. One of the kids is Disney regular Vincent Winter (also in Almost Angels and Three Lives of Thomasina). The other is Pamela Franklin. If you ever saw this film, you'd remember it simply from Franklin's character, Marion, who has befriended or helped all the dogs in the area and they come to her whistle whenever she needs help. The "chief of police," Inspector Sinet, is played by Jean-Pierre Aumont and character actor Leo McKern is the dishonest peddler, Roublot.

Also Disney's featurette "The Horse With the Flying Tail," about equestrian champion Nautical (formerly a New Mexico cow pony) and his rider Hugh Wiley.