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» Saturday, January 01, 2005
Zapped Happily
Finally! We have ditched that idiot, troublesome Canon color inkjet and gotten a nice sensible laser printer, a Samsung ML-1740. It was at Fry's with a $50 rebate on it. I was about fed up with the long time the Canon took to print--25 pages would take a half hour--and the way it would stop in mid-page and hang up and the failure of the alert messages to come up on the computer (like stopping and telling me I was out of ink in a cartridge). (The ink cartridges also didn't live up to the "life" indicated on the side of the boxes...the "average" of 250 pages were more often 100 or 150 pages instead.)

The Samsung doesn't print in color, but I'd rather have it print fast instead. We still have a color printer in the house if we need it. The color lasers are coming down in price quickly; could be they'll be affordable in a couple of years.

Check out today's reading in Holiday Harbour--a super book called The Legend of Holly Claus.