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» Sunday, January 23, 2005
Very Flaky
Snowstorm Socks Northeast

My mom can't get out her back door—there's a drift covering it up. My godmother's back door, across the driveway, is also drifted shut. The guy who cuts her grass also ploughs out her driveway (he has a snowplow, not a snowblower) and is supposed to be there doing it tonight so she can go to the doctor tomorrow. She says she still has an appointment for tomorrow so far as she knows although all state offices and schools are shut down. Half of me hopes so, because she has been miserable and was looking forward to seeing the doctor; the other half of me worries about her taking a cab (the Transvan isn't working tomorrow either) and the doctor getting into the office!

(This is the doctor at the hospital, so for all I know he's snowed in there—maybe it won't be that dangerous for him at all.