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» Monday, January 03, 2005
Monday Madness

I have a terrible feeling all the questions are going to be the same this week...

1. The most exciting thing that happened in your life this past year.

Good exciting or bad exciting? The surgery and the car accident were exciting, but bad. The car trip was exciting in a good way.

2. Three resolutions that you've thought about making.

I don't do resolutions any longer. They just fall by the wayside.

3. Your biggest accomplishment this past year.

Getting my car back from the body shop after two months.

4. Your biggest challenge this past year.

Attempting to get some sleep between the hot flashes.

5. Something you tried for the first time (whether it be food, a sport, a hobby, etc.)

Transporting a budgie 2200 miles roundtrip without him getting sick or upset!

...and this next one comes from Andrea...
6. Name 3 (or however many) things that happened this year that you did not anticipate happening. And on the flip side, name 3 (or however many) things that didn't happen this year that you expected to happen. These could be personal things, professional things, national things, things in the news; anything really.

Let's see--I didn't anticipate major surgery or major car damage. And, actually, I expected the Democrats to win.

...and this one comes from Storyteller...
7. Where do you (or WOULD you) go for inspiration when you run out of questions for a meme?

Heck, I don't know. The news...daily life...holidays. Whatever.

8. Something you'd like to accomplish (or do) this coming year that you didn't get a chance to do last year.

Enjoy autumn.