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» Friday, January 14, 2005
Bright Spots in January
Headed out this morning to look for my favorite monthly cross-stitch magazine, visit JoAnn, and similar day-off puttering about. Found some cabinets in Target that might substitute for the ones we can't get any longer. Found Radioland Murders in the bargain DVD rack at Media Play. This was George Lucas' homage to radio and it...well, wasn't anywhere near as sterling as Star Wars. Granted, some parts of the movie are fabulous: it had that 1939 "look" and the radio shows (especially the ones with mixed-up scripts) and performers you heard between the action were great. Christopher Lloyd has a small role as a manic sound effects man who puts a lot of himself in his work. Unfortunately, the movie needed to lose about three-quarters of the slapstick, especially what passed for Brian Benben's performance, and to slow down the plot a little. Lucas was evidently trying for a frenetically paced screwball comedy, but it was so swiftly paced that we never got to know, or care about any of the characters. Also found the boxed repro set of the old Annette mysteries on discount.

I had a wonderful opportunity at Borders: Charge $75 or more on my Borders/Waldenbooks card and get $10. Plus I had three $5 coupons. And they had a buy-three-get-one-free DVD sale. So I got my mom four DVDs for her birthday, grabbed the paperback copies of Susan Conant's Bride and Groom and the Scrabble dictionary, and needed about $16 worth of stuff. Just for the heck of it I wandered back to the CDs. Woohoo! George Winston has a new album out: "Montana."

Stopped at the library on the way home and got The Great Influenza and a book I'd read about a few weeks ago on the web and then had almost forgotten about, The Cruelest Miles, the story of the 1925 diphtheria serum run to Nome, Alaska.