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» Monday, December 20, 2004
Monday Madness

1. From Becky... How did you learn about computers? Were you self taught?

The first computer I was "exposed" to was in high school. I never got to work on it, though. You had to have an A in math to be in the special class to use it. I didn't want to; programming involved math and that's all you could do with a computer back then: program it to get numbers out of it.

When I went back to school for a year in 1981 I had hoped to take word processing, but they wouldn't allow it if you couldn't type over 60 wpm. Sounds funny now, but word processing was just for trained typists back then.

It took some friends with Commodore 64s to introduce me to the wonderful world of word processing. I'm self-taught in a lot of computer things, including web design.

Funny, when I was in high school my dad urged me to "go into computers; that's where the money's going to be." I didn't have the math grade and didn't want to go into anything that involved math. Years later I am finally "into computers" like he wanted.

2. From Tom... What is your favorite color and why is it your favorite color?

The blue of the sky on a winter day. And just because it's so beautiful and free.

3. From Olivia... What one thing going on in the world right now, has the most effect on you personally?

The war in Iraq. I have a co-worker serving there.

4. From Barb... If you were going to develop your own meme, what kind would you create?

I dunno. I'd rather answer questions than ask them.

5. From Sherle... Why do you enjoy answering memes?

:-) I'm an old broad who likes to share her opinions.

6. From Teresa... What is your wildest dream?

To live in New Hampshire and write books.

7. From Mz. Em... Why do you answer these questions?

Didn't I answer this in question five?