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» Friday, December 10, 2004
I Did Something Right
When we brought Pidge home, knowing we were eventually going on vacation, I made the decision to take him with us if we could. The car accident put the execution of the plan a bit behind, but we did get it going as soon as we could. First I bought a roomier carry box and left it next to Pidgie's cage so he could get used to it. Then, one by one, I started stocking it with a mirror and toys and left it open.

His curiosity got the better of him and soon he was clambering in to converse with the mirror. He would toss his toys inside and sit on the edge of the door and look down at them.

Then we started with taking him out in the box, then sitting in the car, then a short trip, then a longer one to Petsmart and Bruster's. I still had my heart in my mouth when we started on that long, long ride.

He did super well--of course the super-sized sprig of millet in there every time he rode inside was a big plus! But I wondered if after the trip was over if he would still feel the same about the carry box. When we got home it went back to its place next to his cage, and when I let him out I still open the box.

I needn't have feared. He goes in there to peck the mirror, or just to climb in and out, and doesn't seem afraid or hold any aversion to it. I expect that means the trip was moderately pleasant for him. I'm glad I managed that. (LOL. He sure enjoyed harassing Grandma.)