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» Saturday, October 16, 2004
Preventive Steps
We went out this morning spraying the doorframes with Ortho and sprinkling ant granules around all the doorways. Hopefully this means we won't have any little visitors creeping in the house in November like we did last year. But I won't guarantee it.

I had to laugh: my Weather Channel page, for the past week, has had a big ad from Ortho plastered on it, saying that now that it was getting cold bugs would be heading inside homes and that spraying was in order. That's fine if you already have bug spray, which we do. Heaven help the person who goes out now to try to find some. All the bug spray in the garden shop at Walmart, Lowe's and Home Depot has been replaced by Christmas decorations!

I also bought new boots. Last weekend when we cleaned out the closet, I tossed the old boots I had--they were still brand new, although I wore them on our honeymoon 14 years ago (we took our honeymoon in December, in Boston; who wants to go somewhere warm?)--into the Goodwill bag.

I have a terrible time buying shoes because I have a small but wide foot. I wore a 5 1/2 wide for years and still actually take a 6W. But the shoemakers have decreed that no woman with such a small foot has such a wide foot, and no one makes 6W. I have to get 6 1/2 M and they still hurt. My Reeboks are actually boys' shoes which are properly wide enough.

So buying boots, which are usually made wider unless they are dress boots, was annoying, but not as bad as buying shoes. The one thing I found aggravating is that the boots they are making for women these days, unless they have high heels, don't seem to have any arch supports! I'd tried on two different brands of boots at Target, one that was grey and more dressy, others that were like suede calf-length moccasins. Both soles were just flat on the floor, no arch support at all. I finally got a similar pair to the suede boots at Kmart, but the sole seemed to be a bit thicker and more supportive. I bought a set of Dr. Scholl's pads to supplement the soles.