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» Wednesday, October 06, 2004
The Car Report
The rep from the Chrysler body shop called. They finally have my PT on the hoist and apart. The total estimate to repair: $10,666.58. They needed my okay to start work.

Despite this, astoundingly, the frame is still basically sound. The suspension took the brunt of the impact. And because the left wheel was knocked off before it could do any damage to the transmission, the transmission is undamaged. "Wicked bizaahh" as they'd say at home. [wry grin]

He figures it will take at least 3 weeks more to fix now that they have my go-ahead (there's 70 hours of body labor alone). If I'm going to be driving a rental that long, I'm going back to the rental car company and demanding a better car--I'm tired of being without a power source and a properly working dome light. (Clark Howard--local consumer activate guru--says you should get a car close to what you were driving. Wonder if they have any PTs? I don't want anything larger. I'd settle for a nice solid Neon like I had for six years.)