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» Thursday, October 14, 2004
Buzzing Budgie
Last week I was worried because, although Pidge appeared fully fledged, he was still not able to fly, but kept landing on the floor.

That'll teach me to waste worry beads on the wrong thing. :-) He can fly now. Oy, can he fly now! The problem at the moment is that he's still trying to navigate the vertical. The den has crossbeams and he keeps fluttering against them and doesn't seem to know what to land on, with the result that he spins about the room until he runs out of breath and then lands on the rug, the sofa, the computer keyboard, or whatever other surface is handy.

None of it seems to faze him, thankfully. He catches his breath, then proceeds to his next bit of mischief. The first time he made the circuit of the room, he hopped back into his cage and up to the mirror and shrieked to it with delight, presumably the budgerigar version of "Did you see me? Aren't I the cleverest thing?"