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» Thursday, September 02, 2004
Sandwiches and Mattresses
We've spent the evening getting ready for DragonCon. We bring our lunch and supper (pita sandwiches) and other goodies (granola bars and a small bag of chips and some juice boxes) along with us, partially because of James' diabetes and partially so we can spend the most time at the convention we can; since we only go to one a year we try to make the most of it. I have a list of the panels I'm interested in on my PDA, and I've been charging batteries all night. We'll each have a camera, a PDA, a cell phone for emergencies, and two-way radios.

We're hoping for a good night's sleep on our new mattress and box spring, which was delivered promptly at 6:30 as they had said they would. Both the spring and mattress are considerably thicker than the old set and we now have to climb up into bed! In fact, when James sits at the end of the bed now, his feet don't touch the floor!