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» Monday, September 20, 2004
Life's What Happens When You Make Other Plans
It started like any other Monday, dark--I get up before the sun--but deliciously cool. I didn't even have to roll the car windows down this morning.

This was a good thing or a bad thing, depending on how you look at it.

I was less than a mile from work when I got T-boned on the driver's side and driven up off the side of the road (except for one wheel). I didn't see a darn thing--all I knew is there was an "earth-shattering kaboom" and the car was shoved sideways and forward. God bless Chrysler engineering: the seat belts held (the red marks on my shoulder and chest attest to that) and the air bags deployed fine. They also knocked my glasses off and some kind stranger had to find them for me, so when I actually got two of the four windows rolled down I still couldn't see them open and thought I was trapped in the car and it was on fire. (It was actually the smoke from the explosive charge in the air bags.)

After a brief chat with a policeman--I never did get an accident report and had to call up afterwards to get the number--the rescue squad whisked me off to Northside Hospital--I figured if I had to be kept overnight Kaiser would have me transferred there anyway, since it's their hospital, so I might as well go there in the first place--where James met me and waited for them to determine that I was almighty bruised but it didn't look like I had any permanent spinal damage. They released me with some muscle relaxants and sent me home, after which I had to make numerous calls to the insurance agent, the police, and several tow companies to find out just where the heck my poor car was. When I finally found it, I asked the guy, "I never did see the damage. How is it?" He replied dryly, "Well, it's pretty banged up."

Gah. I haven't even made the first 300-mile oil change or the second payment on it...