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» Tuesday, September 21, 2004
Logic tells you that after these things, you will hurt.

And so will friends who have been in similar straits.

Still--oh, boy, does it hurt.

The scrape on my chin hurts the least; it just itches. The worst pain comes from a spot under and to the left of my left knee, which barely has a mark on it. But it hurts the moment you brush the skin. My whole left side of my torso hurts now (probably from where the door crumpled in). It hurts to cough or sneeze or breathe deeply. My neck is worst, especially where the seat belt was. I have a big purple lump over my left breast right on the collarbone, and the collarbone hurts, especially when I turn my head to the left where the flesh is abraded--or if I do something as simple as sniffle. And I still have a headache which the Naproxen or the muscle relaxant just won't kill.

There are also things hurting that weren't hurting at the hospital, including that outjutting C7 cervical vertibrae and those two round bones on either side at the back of your head just under the hair. My right shoulder, which has hurt constantly since the 1990 cancer surgery, hurts worse than ever. Needless to say, it was hard to find a position to sleep on yesterday.

And I keep looking out the blinds hoping a miracle will occur...