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» Tuesday, August 10, 2004
Tuesday Twosome

Do you prefer (pick the least annoying)...

(boy, talk about "the lesser of two evils" in some cases...)

1. Low carb/No carb or Low-fat dieting?

Low-fat. I can live without french fries, but I can't live without bread. (Sometimes when my digestion is messed up enough, even with the Protonix, it's about the only thing that doesn't make me sick.)

2. Reality TV or Crime-solving Spin-offs (CSI:Miami, CSI: New York, L&O:SVU, L&O:Criminal Intent)?

Or as I call it, Law & Order: SUV because I wish someone would drive over it. (Really, SVU creeps me out.) It depends on the "reality TV." (Hmn, is this like the definition of "is"?) I watch a lot of what is "reality TV": decorating shows on HGTV, Food Network programs, stuff on the History Channel and PBS and National Geographic, Airline and I like it. But if you mean "reality TV" as the networks present it, with these staged "contests" where people get voted off the island or engaged or marry a millionaire or stuck in a house with weirdoes...naw, I'll take the creeps on SVU, thanks. At least they're not real!

3. Knee-high socks with tennis shoes or socks with sandals?

Socks with sandals? Ugh. Do I look like a seventy-year-old Florida transplant?

4. Spam Emails or SPAM the "meat" product?

I'd pick the latter, but only if I don't have to eat it. I'll give it to James; he loves it.

5. Long lines to a drive-thru or long lines to a public restroom?

Long lines at the drive-through. I don't have to eat (well, unless James is passing out from low blood sugar). But if you're in line for the public restroom, you gotta go.