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» Friday, July 09, 2004
My, Aren't We Serious Today?
Friday Five

1. Would you rather earn more money or have more time off?

Have more time off. If I had a career, it might be different. I just have a job.

2. Which is more important, the ends or the means?

Well, the means, of course. I really mean that. :-)

3. How are our personalities formed, by nature or through nurture?

Nurture, unless a person has a deep psychological problem.

4. Who do you feel closer to, your mother or your father?

My mom. My dad always regretted it. He wanted “daddy’s little girl.” Unfortunately we were both so alike we started to clash as I grew older–we were both shy introverts who got upset if you looked at us the wrong way.

5. Why do you answer these silly questions, out of boredom or out of love of introspection?

I guess the first most of the time; it’s something else to do. :-) But introspection occasionally is fun, too.