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» Sunday, July 04, 2004
Birthday Celebrations
waving flagThe firecrackers are going like crazy outside. It's the usual Independence Day noise. I revel in it all. I love the fireworks, the songs, and the celebrations. I don't always agree with the government, but I'm proud of my country and I love joining in on the festivities.

We went to two parties today, "one for lunch and one for supper," had a grand time with friends, and came home to watch various and assorted fireworks on television. The Centennial Olympic Park broadcast was darn near unwatchable; they had a loud and obnoxious rock band. PBS' Capitol Fourth was quite good; they even did the finale of "The 1812 Overture"--with howizers--which we now miss since CBS took over the Boston Pops broadcast last year.

(Sigh. Can't help thinking how wonderful those A&E/WCVB Pops broadcasts would have looked on the new television...)

As for CBS' one-hour only broadcast of the Boston fireworks:

+5 points for being better than last year
+5 points for the aerial shots

-5 points for only showing the fireworks, with a nasty five-minute commercial break in the middle of them (A&E's coverage had a commercial break, but it was very short)
-2 points for not telling us what songs were playing like A&E used to
-3 points for Harry Smith yapping too much

Guys: listen up again. When we tune into a broadcast to see fireworks, we don't want to see

(a) faces of people watching the fireworks
(b) the orchestra
(c) backs of people watching the fireworks
(d) shots of the fireworks over the half-shell
(e) the host asking anybody how they like the fireworks
(f) anybody else talking about the fireworks
in short
anything that is not the fireworks!

Got it yet?