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» Tuesday, June 15, 2004
Tuesday Twosome

Let's go swimming...

1. "Beach, Baby!" or "Pool, please"?

A pool always. I've been to the beach. Sand stuck all over you, coating your body in layers, stuck between your toes, while you get tangled in seaweed and avoid the jellyfish. Up on the sand you have pigs who leave trash behind and use the beach as a giant ashtray.

I like the shore better when it gets cool: sit on the sea wall or the rocks or in a folding chair and watch the surf come in without being surrounded by tourists.

2. "Check me out!" or "Does anyone have a tent I can wear?"

Tent it is--although I'd prefer an air conditioned cabana.

3. "Deep end of the pool" or "Floaties are my friend"

I can't swim. You figure it out. :-)

4. "SPF 45, hat and glasses, please" or "Tan, tan, tan"

James and I both take medicine that makes us sensitive to the sun, plus since having the radioactive iodine treatments, I sunburn in less than a half hour. So Coppertone SPF 45 is my game. And still wherever I've been exposed to the sun my skin gets pebbly and itchy afterwards...

5. "I like to people watch" or "Hand me a book and leave me alone."

I like to watch the ocean and the seabirds and the ships and boats. Again, best to do when it's colder and the tourists go bye-bye.