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» Thursday, June 24, 2004
The Damned Air Conditioner is Broken Again
Noticed it was a bit warm at bedtime and that the air coming out of the vents was coolish, but not cold. Opened bathroom window. Compressor is not on. James goes out to look at unit. Tells me to turn off A/C. Wait a few minutes. Turn A/C back on. James hears pop, but nothing happens, and blower doesn't come back on. Go downstairs. Breaker for compressor has popped. Switch it back on. Switch A/C back on. James sees pop, spark, and smoke come out of fan motor. RIP. This one lasted 34 days.

How nice. R.S. Andrews "emergency number" doesn't work. After the message tells you to speak after the beep, it recursively returns to hold music, then the main voicemail menu. I try to send them a "convenient" service e-mail. The mail server is down.

Oh, I can see this is gonna be fun...