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» Saturday, May 08, 2004
The Scent of Summer
It happens every time we need to stay out in the sun for a while: today the airshow, or it might be shooting off rockets. Both James and I have become extremely sensitive to the sun due to medications, so before we step out the door I slather Coppertone 45SPF on both of us. And it takes me back...

There are many scents that remind me of summer. The first was a prelude: the glorious rich sweet scent of the lilacs that spilled over the chain-link fence from the neighbor's yard. They bloomed in May, delicate lavender-colored blossoms that made fragrant draperies. The other was my mother's roses, always deep red, twining and covering the fence.

The third was the scent of Coppertone. On all those innumerable summer Sundays, arming ourselves for a trip to the beach, or just taking a ride down to the shore, Mom began the expedition with an application of lotion. For some reason, although the entire family used it, it always reminds me of my mother. Maybe it was all those Sunday evenings, as I happily and sleepily snuggled in Mom's arms after a long day, and breathing in the safe, warm scent of Coppertone.