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» Monday, April 26, 2004
Surgical Update
Have been getting out and walking around (Borders, Barnes & Noble) for exercise, but just walking around a bit right now still makes me downright tired. In somewhere larger like Sam's or BJ's I take the little cart.

All but three of the surgical strips that the nurse put over the incision after removing the staples have come off. Supposedly they "just drop off" but the visiting nurse told me no; that once the ends were flapping merrily I should gently remove the strip, which I have in some cases, others have fallen off themselves. For a surgical scar, I guess it's no uglier than most, a red line with little marks on either side where the staples were in. The red line gets darker when I shower. I dabble alcohol on it--don't wince; it doesn't burn at all, just itches a little.

Actually, the incision itself doesn't really bother me. It's the pinching inside when I move around too much. It's my early warning system that I'm starting to overdo it, like yesterday when I helped James spray the foundation of the house by gently raking away the leaves clotted at the back of the house, the back yard still being a mess. We have someone coming to clean it up, but he has to squeeze the job between his own full-time job and his part-time job cutting lawns, either of which could be delaying him. Wish I knew some enterprising teen-agers looking to earn extra money. I really hate our back yard right now.