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» Sunday, April 11, 2004
Sleeping My Way Well
Okay, I should be forewarned. I mean, I had surgery five, count 'em, five days ago. I'm still on pain medication two or three times a day. But it still weirds me out that I am so sleepy and woozy. Put me down on the sofa, even with an interesting magazine or a movie, and I want to conk out. It makes me nervous. I keep taking my pulse, then warn myself that it's natural. Thirty years ago I was still in the hospital, dozing off indiscriminately between exams, meals, and walks in the hall. Heck, fourteen years ago with a different type of surgery I was still in the hospital--but I hardly slept last time; don't know why. Different type of anathesia? Beats me.

Between the bouts of sleepiness I seem to be having bouts of crossness. Can't figure out if it's just because of my backaches or if I'm already being assaulted by missing hormones. The weather isn't helping; it's warm and humid and the pollen is making my eyes itch.