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» Monday, April 05, 2004
Familiar Faces
In a previous entry some time back, I mentioned I had what some people thought "odd taste in men." I never liked the teen idols or the strikingly handsome actors in movies and television.

Tonight I was surfing along and was stopped by a clip from Disney's Follow Me, Boys! with a gentleman talking about Kurt Russell. It was Biography, with Russell as the subject, but I was more mesmerized by the man I saw in that opening scene. He looked to be in his fifties, blond, with a blonde-grey goatee beard. His voice sounded a little familiar, but his eyes were arresting: I'd seen those eyes before.

And then it dawned on me. "Joey" from the "Bessie" episode of Lassie. The feckless Richard Schuyler in Disney's series of Kurt Russell/Medfield College comedies, starting with The Computer Wore Tennis Shoes. The put-upon Norman as partner to Michael O'Hara the Fourth. Hobie on The Waltons.

It was Michael McGreevey. And I spent the rest of a Kurt Russell bio waiting for McGreevey's commentaries!

(I didn't realize he'd written an episode of Deep Space 9. But I guess writing runs in the family. Dad is John McGreevey, who wrote so many episodes of The Waltons, among others.)

McGreevey's the one on the right in this Mexican lobby card. As always in those Disney days, he looks a little goofy. But he's aged well, I think. :-)