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» Thursday, April 08, 2004
Ain't Technology Wonderful?
Here I am blogging from a hospital bed using a PDA and a plug-in modem.

Yesterday was...surreal. Thankfully the tranquilizer drugs did their job, as I was doing my best not to freak. Everyone was super-nice. Worst part was waking up with a dry mouth and feeling not able to breathe. A mouthful of ice was welcome.

The pain is...tolerable. Sad to say I've had worse cramps (scary thought). I've had broth and jello with cranberry juice for breakfast, then James and the nurse helped me clean up.

James has gone home to walk and cuddle Willow and have a shower. I was thinking of surfing, but i'm still sleepy--they wake you up every half hour for one test or the other--and it's tough typing all this with a stylus, so ta for now...

Thanks to everyone for the prayers. Love to all,