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» Tuesday, March 30, 2004
So Angry I Could Spit
Thank God Bank One is so capricious.

They use the old credit card trick of moving up your billing due date, so that your payment is late and you get a late charge. So I noticed they had moved my April payment up to the 13th and went into my online banking account to schedule it.

I usually check online banking three or four times a week anyway, and as always, went into pending charges to see if there was anything still outstanding.

There were three charges, totalling $2,000!

I called the bank card people immediately. Someone had used my check card number to make calls via French Telecom!

Please note that my check card is with me, and not missing.

A lady I talk to online had this happen to her several weeks ago, so it made me even angrier. They have canceled my card effective of my call and I have to call the bank tomorrow to start the process to get my money back. The lady at the bank was very nice. She also didn't sound surprised, so I wonder if the bank has gotten a lot of calls about this.