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» Sunday, March 21, 2004
Dogs Will Be...Dogs
It was an otherwise unremarkable Sunday, except for a funny...we stopped by Lowe's on the way to our monthly trip to Wally World, to pick up a new screen door for our sliding glass doors. We had one, but we had purchased the wrong size, a 35" width instead of a 30". Since we don't use the sliding glass doors, the screen is there basically to keep the bugs out and the too big door wasn't doing that. Last year wasps had nested up in the upper track and some of them had managed to squirm inside.

So when we got home James took the screen door into the back yard and took Willow with him to run around. Bad idea. Miss Dog found the cat that has nested under our shed and began enthusiastically digging her way under. I was helping James with the door, and while Wil usually listens to us when we call, this time she was in full pursuit mode. Barking a sort of terrier version of the "treed" bark, she dug and scrambled around under the shed at the wider part. She was having a glorious time, tongue lolling out, tail wagging enthusiastically, all her little terrier genes firing at full force. She has nothing against cats, you see; she thinks they are great toys to chase.

Needless to say by the time we got done with the dog, Willow's white points were Georgia red clay covered. She smelled, not surprisingly, like fresh-dug earth.

So the first thing we did after bringing her inside was to plunk her in the bathtub and give her another bath.